International Wood-Fire Ceramic Symposium Watermill Wittgendorf Upper Lusatia

12th Watermill Symposium 2021 -- In honor of Masakazu Kusakabe on the occasion of his 75th birthday

12th Watermill Symposium – 2021

The 12th Watermill Symposium is taking place from 4 – 31 October 2021.

the morning’s bright glow:
the loveliness of beauty
just a fleeting dream

~ Natsume Soseki

Focus of this symposium:
Chadõ – the Japanese Way of Tea”
“My path to tea – What does drinking tea mean to me?”


Further details

○ The symposium is taking place in the Wittgendorf Watermill.
○ We will be firing the large Sasukenei Smokeless Kiln.

○ We will be working together in Hendrik Schöne’s studio from October 4-31, 2021, creating new work centered on the symposium focus.

○ For anyone wanting or able to participate only in the firing, bringing pieces you have made connected with the above topics, the symposium begins on October 15.

○ New development!  Every participant agrees and commits to make a selection of his/her pieces available, after the symposium, for a travelling exhibition. The exhibition will be shown in Dresden, in Höhr-Grenzhausen and in two other locations in Germany.

○ See “to apply” for additional details, or contact us with any questions.

My choice, my way …


Special Focus for the 2021 Watermill Symposium

1st topic:  “Chadõ – the Japanese Way of Tea”
Participants show, through their work, what they associate with
the „way of tea.“

2nd topic:  “My path to tea – What does drinking tea mean to me?”
Participants show, through their work, what they personally associate with the topic of tea and how they drink tea.

– Each symposium participant may choose to focus on either
one or both of these topics. –

The fire god speaks
Sculpture Ikarus by Hendrik Schöne & Werner Rauschhardt
Werner Rauschhardt
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