International Wood-Fire Ceramic Symposium Watermill Wittgendorf Upper Lusatia

11th Watermill Symposium Part II -- 11 Sept. - 11 Oct. 2020

11th Watermill Symposium – 2020

Symposium Focus:  Using locally-found materials to create ceramic pieces and glazes
Artist-in-Residence: Anja Slapnicar of Ljubljana, Slovenia

2020 is encouraging flexibility in us all, and at times offering unexpected opportunities. Given the current international situation, the planned month-long symposium (3-30 August) is being split into two parts. The first part took place on a smaller scale from 3-9 August and was a fruitful time with good results.

From 11 September to 11 October is Part II of the 11th Watermill Ceramic Symposium, with Anja Slapnicar, where we will focus on finding and using local material for our work, and will fire the large Sasukenei Smokeless Kiln.  It is also possible to participate in the firing alone, from 27 September to 11 October.

See „to apply“ for further details, or contact us with any questions.

The fire god speaks
Sculpture Ikarus by Hendrik Schöne & Werner Rauschhardt
Werner Rauschhardt
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