International Wood-Fire Ceramic Symposium Watermill Wittgendorf Upper Lusatia

12th Watermill Symposium 2021 -- In honor of Masakazu Kusakabe on the occasion of his 75th birthday

12th Watermill Symposium – 2021

The 12th Watermill Symposium is taking place from 4 – 31 October 2021.

the morning’s bright glow:
the loveliness of beauty
just a fleeting dream

~ Natsume Soseki

Focus of this symposium:
Chadõ – the Japanese Way of Tea”
“My path to tea – What does drinking tea mean to me?”

We will again be firing the large Sasukenei Smokeless Kiln.

Please contact us and apply if you are interested!

The fire god speaks
Sculpture Ikarus by Hendrik Schöne & Werner Rauschhardt
Werner Rauschhardt
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